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Information about the law, legal practice and legal policy

Information about the law

Areas of law - QPILCH factsheets and external resources grouped according to areas of law.

QPILCH factsheet index - An alphabetical list of all QPILCH factsheets covering various areas of law and practice.

Finding the law - Links to external sites, including case law and legislation sources, and websites for courts, tribunals, government departments and professional bodies.

Glossary - Explains commonly-used legal terms.

Useful resources

You and your lawyer - A guide to the lawyer-client relationship.

Schedule of Limitation Dates - A limitation date is a date by which legal action must be commenced. Different types of legal actions have different limitation dates.

Legal Affairs Plan - A guide which includes checklists to help guide your legal affairs in the event of death, ill-health, and accident and issues in employment. It provides background information, checklists and contact points for further information.

Legal Health Check training videos - Short training videos for community workers to understand how to use legal health checks.

Legal Health Checks - Checklists for community workers and lawyers to identify legal problems of vulnerable clients.

Perspectives on the law and legal systems

Pro bono legal services - a Queensland perspective