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Accessing your QCAT file

ACP 1 – Planning for future health care - an overview

ACP 2 – Advance Health Directive

ACP 3 – Statement of Views

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Offers to settle

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Amending court documents - Federal Courts

Amending court documents - Queensland Courts

Appealing a QCAT decision to the QCAT Appeal Tribunal or Queensland Court of Appeal

Appeals in the District Court of Queensland

Appeals in the Queensland Court of Appeal - how to bring an appeal

Appeals in the Queensland Court of Appeal - how to respond to an appeal

Applications in the Queensland Courts - a short guide

Applying to QCAT for review of a Blue Card related decision

Attorney-General's Fiat

Bankruptcy - Applying for annulment

Bankruptcy - Opposing a creditors petition

Bankruptcy - reviewing a sequestration order

Bankruptcy - Setting aside a bankruptcy notice

Cause of action

Civil litigation in Queensland

Class actions

Commencing court proceedings

Costs in QCAT

Costs orders in Queensland Courts

Court etiquette

Court proceedings - making progress

Court supervision of cases

Damages and loss

Dealing with lawyers on the other side of litigation

Deciding to commence legal action


Default and summary judgments

Disclosure - practice and procedure

Discrimination claims in the Federal Circuit Court

Drafting an Affidavit

Drafting a Defence - tips and examples

Drafting a Statement of Claim - tips and examples

Drafting an effective reply and answer

Drafting an outline of argument or submissions

EPA 1 – Enduring power of attorney toolkit

EPA 2 – Powers of enduring attorneys

EPA 3 – Duties of enduring attorneys

EPA 4 – Remedies for breaches by enduring attorneys

Enforcement of a monetary decision of QCAT

Enforcement of a monetary decision of the Federal Circuit Court

Enforcement of monetary decision of the Magistrates, District or Supreme Court

Enforcement of non-money orders and contempt

Enforcement proceedings in the Magistrates Court: Information for debtors

Enforcement warrants - how to respond

Evidence and proof in civil proceedings

Extensions of time

Fee reductions in the Queensland Courts

Fee waiver guide - Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Fee waiver guide - Federal Circuit Court

Fee waiver guide - Federal Court

Fee waiver guide - High Court

Filing documents in the Queensland Courts

GAA - Application for appointment of a Guardian or Administrator

GAA - Capacity

GAA - Duties of appointees and remedies in case of breach

GAA - End of appointment

GAA - Functions and powers of the Tribunal

GAA - Guardianship and Administration toolkit

GAA - Purpose of Act and general principles

GAA - Review of appointment

GAA - Types of substituted decision making

General information for family members and other persons with a 'Sufficient Interest'

General protections claims in the Federal Circuit Court

Going to court videos - Civil Litigation

Grantham Voluntary Land Swap

Hearings in court - commonly used words

Hearings in Queensland Courts - twelve tips (Spanish Translation)

Hearings in Queensland Courts - twelve tips

Hearings in the Federal Courts

Hearings in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Immigration Law - Lawyers and Migration Agents

Limitation periods

Malicious prosecution

Mediation - a short guide

Multi department raids

Peaceful Assembly Act - your rights

Personal injuries

Privacy rights

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal - Jurisdiction

QCAT review of a decision made by Child Safety

Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House Incorporated (QPILCH)

Representation in QCAT

Representing yourself at trial - Queensland Courts

Residential Tenancies Database (eg, TICA)

Serving court documents

Setting a civil trial date

Standing and involvement in legal proceedings

Time limits under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (Qld)

Time limits under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (Qld) - additional requirements for corporations

Time limits - calculating time

Unmeritorious proceedings and conduct causing disadvantage in QCAT

Witnesses in QCAT

Workers’ Compensation Appeals in the QIRC: Gathering evidence and disclosing documents


Video 1 - Starting a Court Case

Video 2 - Defending a Court Case

Video 3 - Disclosure and Proving Your Case

Video 4 - Attending Court Hearings

Video 5 - The Trial

Other useful resources

You and your lawyer - A guide to the lawyer-client relationship.

Schedule of Limitation Dates - A limitation date is a date by which legal action must be commenced. Different types of legal actions have different limitation dates.

Legal Affairs Plan - A guide which includes checklists to help guide your legal affairs in the event of death, ill-health, and accident and issues in employment. It provides background information, checklists and contact points for further information.

Legal Health Check training videos - Short training videos for community workers to understand how to use legal health checks.

Legal Health Checks - Checklists for community workers and lawyers to identify legal problems of vulnerable clients.

Finding the law - Links to external sites, including case law and legislation sources, and websites for courts, tribunals, government departments and professional bodies.