Grantham Voluntary Land Swap

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Was your property severely damaged or destroyed in the Grantham flood and are you thinking of taking part in the voluntary land swap? If so, the Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House (QPILCH) may be able to assist you.

QPILCH is an independent referral service that helps people unable to afford legal representation to get legal assistance from law firms on a pro bono basis. QPILCH does not provide legal advice itself.

We have prepared this fact sheet to outline a number of issues you may need to consider before applying to take part in the swap. It is important that you get independent legal advice on the issues below, and others that may be relevant to you, prior to making your decision to participate in the land swap. QPILCH may be able to help with obtaining legal assistance for you from our member law firms on a pro bono basis. Please contact QPILCH on the numbers listed below if you would like assistance.

Issues to Consider

These are some of the issues that you may need advice on before making a decision to participate in the land swap.

  • who is the registered owner of your property?
  • does anyone else have any interest in your property, such as a relative?
  • do you have a mortgage over the property?
  • are you leasing/renting your property to someone else, with a lease agreement in place?
  • what tax issues may arise for you if you take part in the voluntary swap?
  • have all insurance claims related to your property been finalised?
  • are you currently living on, or using (such as to store goods) the property that you intend to swap?
  • if so, will you still need to use that land once it has been transferred to the Lockyer Valley Regional Council?
  • will you be able to use the new land in the same way as your current land (eg is the zoning of both lots of land the same)?
  • what can you build on the new land and will there be any particular development process you need to follow?
  • what other limitations could there be in relation to the use of the new land?
  • will you be able to get the same size land under the swap?
  • what will be the costs of relocating your current house or building a new house?
  • will you need to demolish your existing house and, if so, how long will you have to do this?
  • have you read the Proposed Development Scheme?

Contact us

The information in this resource is for general information purposes only. If you would like help with a legal problem, you may be eligible for assistance from a LawRight service or clinic.

For more information about the help available, and the process for applying for help, please contact LawRight by:

Telephone: 07 3846 6317
Fax: 07 3846 6311
Postal address: LawRight, PO Box 3631, South Brisbane, Qld 4101
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LawRight does not provide legal advice over the phone.